Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mates, Dates, and Sleepover Secrets by Cathy Hopkins

How can a new girl fit in?

He talked, I listened. As I tried to appear interested, I thought that even Mojo was more interested in what I had to say. And he's a dog.

Theresa Joanne (T. J. to her friends) is having a difficult year. First her best friend moves away. Then there's the problem with boys: They never seem to notice that she's a girl. But when Lucy befriends T. J., things start to look up. But will Lucy's best friends Nesta and Izzie accept her and let her into their world of sleepovers, secrets, laughter, and advice?

I really am enjoying reading this series!!!! We are introduced to a new girl in this book, and she is absolutely as likable as the other 3 girls we have already gotten to know. I like the fact that these are true YA-Teen books. There is no swearing, nothing graphic, no sex or anything of the like. The most these girls are doing is *snogging* It's a series, I would 100% let my daughter read when she gets a bit older. Of course as an adult, it's nice to read something so *clean* and get lost in remembering my time as a YA, since I was certainly more like these girls than some of the other teens I have read about.....hahaha They are quick, easy and enjoyable reads, and I highly recomend this series to all!!! :) 4/5