Thursday, August 21, 2008

Island Summer by Jeanine Le Ny

Nikki may spend the school year on the New England mainland at the ritzy Richfield Academy (on scholarship), but during the summer, she returns home to the decidedly less-posh Pelican Island. Despite an invite from her rich friend Blair, Nikki has to spend the summer working at her parents' sandwich shop. During one of her deliveries to the mainland, she meets Daniel Babcock, and they begin a whirlwind summer romance. But when Blair invites Nikki to spend the weekend, Nikki sees her walking hand in hand...with Daniel!

Can summer love survive?

A REALLY fast read and quite enjoyable too!!!! I think I liked this authors writing better than the first author in this series, it was lighter and more flowy (I know this isn't a real word...hehe) for me. A great beach read to be enjoyed by teens and adults who like the light and easy read alike!!! Summer love, the angst of does he or doesn't he feel the same, a typical teenage romance with likable characters. Definitely a great book to take along to the beach, although I enjoyed it quite nicely from the comfort of my couch!!! ;) 4/5


Allison said...

Looks like a good book! I see your reading "A Veiled Antiquity"..I have the first book "Family Skeletons" waiting to be read..have you read all her books..they look really good?? Let me know!

Melsy626 said...

Allison, I've read Family Skeletons and really enjoyed it, so have collected a few more in the series.

I haven't had much reading time the past few days, but I am truly enjoying this book as well, definitely pick up Family Skeletons soon!! :)