Sunday, June 15, 2008 by Rebecca Anderson

Good witch Mirabelle Saintly and Wishmaker's International have been granting wishes as far back as Cinderella and are now fully computerized. But with the cosmic power shift of the 'real' new millenium, Wishmaker's magic is threatened. By midnight on New Year's Eve Mirabelle must grant Eileen Pringle her wish of true love, or Wishmaker's and all Good Witches will disappear forever.

Computer nerd Eileen is determined to make her boss, Brock Van Buren fall hopelessly in love with her. The trouble is, Eileen has all the grace of a wounded goose, and her world is falling apart. Her father has died, her stepmother has kicked her out of her home, and her sexy, stepsister is chasing Brock. Worse, disturbingly handsome fellow employee, Daniel Collins, appears intent on sidetracking Eileen from her destiny with Brock.

Confirmed bachelor and undercover FBI cyber-agent Daniel Collins is trying to find the person inside Brock Van Buren's software company who is hacking into government files. He doesn't count on falling for his prime suspect, Eileen Pringle, who insists that her heart belongs to her boss, even though it's Daniel's kisses which are leaving her breathless.

Will Mirabelle's race against time to unite the star-crossed lovers end in tragedy? Or with the Cinderellas of the world continue to find a perfect fit in

I absolutely LOVED this book. How awesome is it when a book truly makes one want to believe in the power of true love and magic. The characters are warm and heartfelt and the story is magical and enchanting. Although at times I might have found myself a bit frustrated with Eileen's blinders in regards to her boss, that was easy to overlook in the context of the whole story. It's a true Cinderella story, including the evil step-sister/mother and all!!! :) 4.75/5


tracy said...

This sounds good! I will have to add it to my TBR:)