Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bobbie Faye's Very (very, very, very) Bad Day by Toni McGee Causey

Bobbie Faye Sumrall knows that a day without disaster is a day in someone else's life. Criminals have kidnapped her good-for-nothing brother and are demanding her Contraband Queen tiara--the only thing of her mama's she inherited--as random. So Bobbie Faye has to outwit the police, organized crime, former boyfriends, and a hostage she never intended to take (but who turns out to be damn sexy!), in order to rescue her brother, keep custody of her niece, and get back in time to take her place as Queen in the Lake Charles Contraband Festival (think Mardi Gras, with more drinking and pirates).

Luckily, Bobbie Faye knows how to handle guns, outsmart angry mama bears, drive a speedboat, and get herself out of--and into--almost every kind of trouble. If only that pesky state police detective (who also happens to be a pissed-off ex-boyfriend) would stay out of her way . . .

Ok, this was a book that once I hit 100 pages I wasn't totally grabbed, so I put it down to pick up a bit later. I had heard such great things about this book, that I couldn't just completely give up on it. I'm really glad I picked it back up!!!! I think my problem may have been that I had such HIGH expectations for the book, it was bound to disapoint. Although the 2nd time I picked it up, I truly enjoyed it, I think I will not put such high expectations on the next Bobbie Faye book!!! ;)

We've all had bad days, but nothing can compare to Bobbie Faye's!!!! Her morning started out bad and the day got progressively worse, running from police and fbi, trying to track down a stolen tiara, dealing with her brothers kidnappers and those are just a few of the things she had to deal with today!!!! There are definite LOL moments throughout this book and despite the shaky start it was definitely a great book that I'm glad I didn't give up on completely!! :) 3.75/5


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yeah, I started off taking it WAY too seriously. Once I relaxed and stopped being so stupidly uptight, I was howling. I've got the next one on my PBS wishlist already. (and am disappointingly far down in line for it, too)