Monday, April 27, 2009

Murder...Suicide...Whatever by Gwen Freeman

Fifi Cutter is an acerbic, bi-racial twenty-something, with family issues and a delightfully cynical world view. Just fired from her boring, but steady job at Colchester Casualty, she is barely making it as an independent insurance adjustor when her freeloading half-brother, Bosco Dorff, shows up with the news that their Uncle Ted has been murdered. Fifi is hired to investigate. Ted was an insurance broker to the stars–porn stars. Posing as grief counselors, Fifi and Bosco interrogate a colorful array of suspects, including Ted’s smoking hot mistress, his portly assistant, and his deadly competition, Corazon Villareal. Fifi zips around LA to check out the various and vaguely guilty suspects -- all classic LA characters. When Bosco disappears, however, Fifi is catalysed into immediate action, finding the unlikely killer and gaining an unlikely accomplice. (From B&N)

This was just an okay read for me! While I really enjoyed the zaniness of Fifi and Bosco, I wasn't overly thrilled with the story. I felt there was some information included that could have been left out as it didn't really have much to do with the plot and seemed to be filler material, which really wasn't needed. I will definitely give the 2nd book a try because although it wasn't one of my favorite cozy reads, it was entertaining and enjoyable enough to warrant another peek into the lives of Fifi and Bosco!!! 3/5