Monday, April 6, 2009

The Butterfly House by Marcia Preston

As a child, Bobbie Lee found refuge from her lonely life at her best friend's house. Rockhaven was a place of magic, colored by the butterflies that Cincy Jaines's mother, Lenora, studied. Her friendship with Cincy and Lenora soon became Bobbie's compass. But the tangled intimacies between them began to unravel, and in one night, Rockhaven became a place of unspeakable tragedy.
Now, a decade later, the long shadows of that night continue to haunt Bobbie, despite her attempts to hide from the past. When a stranger with ties to Lenora and Cincy arrives at her doorstep, she is forced to confront the memories she has tried to avoid, and the dark secret at the heart of the tragedy slowly emerges.

I absolutely loved this book. It's been sitting on my TBR mountain for far too long before picking it up!!!! The time jumps between when Bobbie was a young girl/teenager to present day as an adult to tell a well rounded story of the shared love between the women in the story. It was captivating and emotional and just a wonderful story!!!!! The characters were so well developed, I felt as if they could have been sitting next to me telling me their story as opposed to my reading about it. A fantastic book - one that should not be missed!!!!! 5/5


Missy said...

I loved this book as well...the story stayed with me a long time after I finished reading it~

Lori's Reading Corner said...

'Bout time you read it :)

Gwendolyn B. said...

This does sound good. Now it's off your TBR list and onto mine!