Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wednesday Night Witches by Lee Nichols

On the outs with her live-in boyfriend, Eve Crenshaw flees Manhattan for a different kind of island life off the coast of Maine. With the help of her college roommate, Natasha, and her friend Kim, she rents a seaside cottage and waits for her boyfriend to beg her to return.

Instead, he gets a new girlfriend.

Now Eve's stuck on an island with no cable TV, no Starbucks and no eligible men. Desperate for diversion, the women meet every week for drinks, dubbing themselves the Wednesday Night Witches.

One stormy evening, the Witches raid Kim's cellar and find a strange bottle of liqueur. Getting into the spirit, they each make a wish, lift their glasses and…well, no one can quite recall what happens next.

But suddenly their wishes start coming true!

Only, as life gets better and better for the Wednesday Night Witches, everything else on the island starts going to hell.…

I really enjoyed this book. The characters were so likable, real and fun to *get to know* throughout. It was a fun book, and shows us that our dreams don't have to be so far out of our reach!!! ;) It flowed really well and was a quick and easy read for me. I know beach season is over for many of us, but this would definitely be a great beach/vacation read!!! :) 4.25/5