Friday, September 19, 2008

The Scot, The Witch and The Wardrobe by Annette Blair

He sought his birthright

Long ago, Rory MacKenzie's Scottish ancestor lost the bewitching woman he loved and regretted it forever. Before he died, he sent her his greatest work of art, a beautifully carved unicorn, as a token of his eternal devotion. Now, Rory is dettermined to reclaim the unicorn and restore his clan to glory.

She fought her birthright

Like all the women in her family, Victoria Cartwright has inherited the key to the mysterious wardrove in the family attic. Legend says that only the girl who possesses the magic of her ancestor can reveal the treasure within. But Vickie refuses to believe she is any sort of enchantress.

They bot got more than they bargained for...

When Vickie unexpectedly opens the wardrobe, the unicorn makes her dreams come true---until the handsome Rory shows up with his own plans for the unicorn, and for Vickie...

I absolutely adore this series. Annette Blair knows how to capture and keep the attention of her readers. The story of Rory and Vickie is magical and invoked so many emotions. The magic, the mystery, the romance, it makes for such a wonderful and fun story. I love the push/pull between Vickie and Rory and the dream aspect of this book was so enchanting. She describes her cast of characters so well, I feel that I actually know them, and understand them........just love this!!!! I am so sad to see this trilogy come to an end, but have already begun the next one which features Vickie's triplet sisters... 5/5


Kristen said...

Melanie, I'm reading this book right now and I'm glad to hear that you liked it. I too liked this series. :) Kristen