Monday, November 10, 2008

Beach Road by James Patterson and Peter De Jonge

Montauk lawyer Tom Dunleavy's client list is woefully small - occasional real estate closings barely keep him in paper clips. When he is hired to defend a local man accused in a triple murder that has the East Hampton world in an uproar, he knows that he has found the case of his lifetime.
The crime turns the glittering playground for the super-rich into a blazing inferno. Dunleavy's client is a local hero, but Dunleavy knows the case rests atop a volcano of money, deception, and forbidden desires. His client is the perfect fall guy - unless he can find the key that unlocks the secret rooms of the gilt-shrouded set.
When Dunleavy is joined by his former flame, the savvy and well-connected attorney, Kate Costello, he believes he has a chance. But payback is a bitch - especially from the rich. The violent retaliations of billionaires threatened by his investigation exceed anything Dunleavy has ever seen. With the entire nation's eyes on him in a new Trial of the Century, Dunleavy orchestrates a series of revelations that lead to a stunning outcome - only to find afterward that the truth is wilder than anything he ever imagined.

Wow, Patterson always seems to amaze me!!!! This book had such an incredible twist at the end I still don't believe it!!!! What a great suspsense/thriller this book was!!!! Wow, let me just say that again!!! This book brings along with it lots of interesting twists and turns along the way. A truly enjoyable read, that had me picking it up at any time I had even a moment to get in a chapter. One of my favorite things about Patterson's books is the short chapters, where I can fit them in when I just have a free minute here or there!!! Again, this was an awesome book........I just loved it!!! :) 5/5


Shonda said...

I read this and was shocked by the ending! I loved it! JP is one of my favorite authors. I'm counting down the days for Cross Country.

Lori's Reading Corner said...

Now you get why I love Jimmy so much!

Melsy626 said...

I do!!!! I have loved The Women's Murder Club series and all of his stand alones that I have read so far, he is just awesome!!!!

I am going to work on collecting all of his Alex Cross series, I have some but not all, and I also have all of his stand alones that I haven't read yet, so I'm definitely making sure to work those into my reading, cuz I just luv his stuff so much!!!!

Jennifer said...

This was the first book I read this year and I'm still shocked by it!! It was such an unbelievable ending! I LOVE JP! :)

Minding Spot said...

Can't go wrong with JP! Love his writing too :)