Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mates, Dates, and Sequin Smiles by Cathy Hopkins

Izzie, Lucy, and T. J. crowded round and stared at me, like they were waiting for a circus freak to begin her act. I shook my head. "You're going to have to open your mouth some time," said Lucy. "Come on, put your hand down." I shook my head. "It's horrible. I look like a can opener."

Nesta is devastated. She has to wear braces. She thinks that no boy will ever look at her again without thinking of the killer shark in Jaws. And practicing a smile that doesn't show her teeth isn't helping. There's only one option: to become a recluse.

Lucy, Izzie, and T. J. try to help Nesta understand that her looks haven't changed, but Nesta's not convinced. Things change, however, when she meets Luke, who not only restores her confidence in her ability to attract boys, but also introduces her to a whole new side of her personality.

Love, love, love this series. It is so true to life, I suppose that's why I like it so much. Once again, Hopkins does not disappoint with this continuation of her series!!! :) Watching Nesta grow in this book was great. She doesn't change so much as makes some realization, that help her character to develop. Great series for teens and adults as well!!! 4.5/5


Red-C said...

I love this book too, it's really good :)