Monday, October 6, 2008

Mates, Dates, and Mad Mistakes by Cathy Hopkins

As soon as Mum dropped me off, I made a dive for the ladies room, where I trashed the sandwich she'd made me and reapplied my makeup. Mum really didn't understand. I couldn't possibly get up on stage in front of everyone looking like I was dressed for afternoon tea with my grandma.

Izzie is restless, and eager to be treated like an adult. So she decides it's time to make some changes. But the new Izzie comes with new problems. First there is Josh Harper, an older, cute-but-wild boy. Then there is her mother, who is opposed to every part of the "new Izzie."

How can Izzie learn about herself and what it means to be grown up -- without upsetting everyone along the way?

Another awesome addition to this series!!!! The character progression in this series is fabulous, the girls are definitely growing and dealing with new issues, situations, and problems on a daily basis. The introduction of new characters definitely helps the series move along and grow, and I am enjoying learning more and more about these girls in every book. These girls are dealing with real life, everyday situations and it's great to see how they deal with what is thrown at them. This is definitely one of my favorite YA series to read!!!! :) 4.5/5