Saturday, May 31, 2008

Love Undercover by Jo Edwards

True love needs no disguise.

Kaitlyn Nichols craves a little mystery and mayhem in her life. Having a secret agent for a father should do the trick, but unfortunately Dad is no 007, and danger is nowhere on the horizon.

But all that changes when Mr. Nichols brings home Blaine, a seventeen-year-old hottie who's about to enter the Witness Protection Program. Suddenly Kaitlyn's in the perilous position of protecting the cutest guy she's ever met!

When Dad enrolls Blaine in her high school, it's up to Kait to detect the girls who want him...and the guys who want him dead. Meanwhile, Kait's about to discover that there's one little thing she can't protect -- her heart.

I just loved this YA book!!!! It has everything embroiled into one book, teen love and how to make it actually work. The mean witchy highschool girl who takes pleasure in making her school mates miserable, the typical hot guy who thinks the world revolves around him. And then these 2 ordinary teens trying to figure out how to be together when the odds are stacked up against them. I just loved the 2 main characters in this book, Blaine and Kaitlyn, they are down to earth, normal kids which is so appealing!!! This was a fun, quick, entertaining read!! :) 4/5


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