Saturday, June 6, 2009

Swimsuit by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Syd, a breathtakingly beautiful supermodel on a photo shoot in Hawaii, disappears. Fearing the worst, her parents travel to Hawaii to investigate for themselves, never expecting the horror that awaits them.

LA Times reporter Ben Hawkins is conducting his own research into the case, hoping to help the victim and get an idea for his next bestseller. With no leads and no closer to uncovering the kidnapper's identity than when he stepped off the plane, Ben gets a shocking visit that pushes him into an impossible-to-resist deal with the devil.

A heart-pounding story of fear and desire, SWIMSUIT transports readers to a chilling new territory where the collision of beauty and murder transforms paradise into a hell of unspeakable horrors. (From B&N)

This was SUCH a great read!!!!! The suspense was crazy and the plot line was amazing. You never knew what would happen next or who the next target of this maniacal serial killer would be. A definite page turner and very highly recommended!!!! Love Patterson!!!!!!!! :) 5/5


Lori's Reading Corner said...

Somehow I knew you'd like it :)

Melsy626 said...

You know me so well!!! :) Thanks hun!! :)

Kristie said...

I am trying to wait patiently for this through my library... however I keep reading such great reviews for this which isn't making it very easy! I am glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Priscilla said...

Hi, I saw this on an advertisment today! advertising Patterson and his website, then I come here and see your review! I have never read any of his books and I was just wondering is there much gore within the pages? I would love to give the book a go,but thought id check first, as I am rather squimish lol

I enjoy reading your blog, see you again soon

Priscilla x

Julie said...

Thanks for the review, I can't wait now!!! I love James Patterson:)

Kelly said...

I love Patterson too! I can't ever figure out how he manages to be so darn prolific!

Thanks for following my blog! It’s a wee little thing, and I’m sure as heck not close to the level of blogger so many other book bloggers are, but I really appreciate it when people hit the “follow” button. Actually, I wonder sometimes how people manage to have such terrific blogs, and still find time for their lives, I figure I must be a real poor time manager, because I sure can’t seem to figure out how to do it all. It’s that pesky need to take time off for sleep that gets me!

Kelly at The Novel Bookworm

Melissa said...

Morning Melsy!

There's an award with your name on it over at Reminder List.


謝郁卿 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Michelle said...

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