Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Slightly Married by Wendy Markham

One small step for Tracey, one giant leap for the groom.

After three years, the man who bought a lifetime subscription to Tivo without trying it finally committed to a lifetime subscription to Tracey Spadolini.

All Tracey wants is to get hitched without a hitch--but as the calendar marches toward her late-October wedding date, suddenly she and her fiance can't agree on anything. From where to get married (New York City or Buffalo?) to how many attendants they're going to have (she's already asked eight, he was thinking of just a best man). Meanwhile, Tracey's friends are caught up in their own dramas. There's newlywed Raphael, who just had his gay wedding; newly pregnant Kate, trying to adjust to impending motherhood; and Buckley, who is acting inexplicably strange. When Buckley unexpectedly calls off his own engagement, all but leaving his fiance at the altar, Tracey is stunned to discover that he might be in love with her.

With plenty of snafus to keep them distracted, is being Slightly Married the road to happily ever after, after all?

A cute addition to the series!!! I have to say I really enjoyed the 2nd half of the book more than the first though. Tracey deals with all kinds of pre-wedding problems in this installment to the Slightly series. It was quite comical as many are things I remember dealing with myself. The who's invited, who's in the wedding and the where will it be's are just some of the issues that are dealt with in this quirky look at getting ready for the wedding. Oh and let's not forget those unresolved issues Tracey has to deal with!!!! Over all an entertaining and enjoyable read!!! 4/5