Monday, January 26, 2009

In the Dark (The Watcher) by Brian Freeman

One murder has haunted Lieutenant Jonathan Stride for thirty years. In 1977 his girlfriend’s sister was savagely beaten to death. Stride came face to face with the suspect – and let the man escape.

When writer Tish Verdure begins a book about the decades-old murder, Stride is reluctant to re-open the case. But Tish has new evidence that raises shocking questions about the actions of the police... and even Stride's own wife.

The new investigation scares someone who is desperate to keep their secrets hidden. Tish receives threats. A teenage girl is hounded to her death. And Stride finds himself chasing the twisted trail of a voyeur who may hold the key to two brutal crimes.

With new deaths on his conscience, Stride races toward a devastating confrontation high above the deadly waters of Lake Superior. There, he and Tish will both face their worst fears – and the truth about the past.

Wow, gotta love Jonathan Stride!!! Once again we are thrown into his world with twists and turns lurking behind every corner. Never a dull moment in a Brian Freeman - Stride book!!! This time the crime investigated hits close to home and brings some raw feelings to the surface for our Detective. Loved the book, the emotion, the suspense all rolled into this wonderful story!!! Another hit by Freeman!! :) 5/5