Friday, December 5, 2008

Mates, Dates, and Diamond Destiny by Cathy Hopkins

"That William Lewis really thinks a lot of himself," I said. "He's such a smartarse."

"Hhmm,"said Lucy, grinning. "That's what he said about you too."

"He did? What a cheek! God, he annoys me. I really hate him."

Lucy, TJ, and Izzie exchanged knowing looks. "Yeah sure," said TJ. "You hate him."

Nesta's life is thrown into upheaval when she gets involved in charity work thinking that it might be a cool way to meet people (mainly boys). But as her eyes are opened to the plight of the world, she begins to want genuinely

to get involved and help others.

On top of this, Nesta meets William, a boy who questions her motives. At times, she's convinced he hates her and the feeling is mutual. But Izzie, Lucy, and TJ think it is something more like love....

I know I say the same thing every time I review a book from this series, I truly love these girls and enjoy watching them progress on their journey!!! I am sad that the series only has a few left to read!!!! The character development from book to book is terrific and the lessons that are taught throughout are great as well. This book makes the reader aware of what you can do to come to the need of charities of all types and how important it is to give even a little bit. Love this series, and I truly recommend it to all readers, YA and more seasoned as well for a nice easy read!! :) 4.5/5