Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mates, Dates and Sole Survivors by Cathy Hopkins

I decided that next time I saw him, I'd have a word about maybe giving each other a bit more space. After all, Mum's always saying that you have to work on relationships and not give up at the first hiccup....

Lucy seems to be out on a limb. Everybody has a boyfriend except her, and since she put Tony on the back burner he's found someone else. Then on a spa weekend with Izzie, she meets someone who seems just right for her. And he feels the same way about her.

But after a while, Lucy starts to feel smothered. Can someone love you too much? Maybe the life of a singleton isn't so bad after all!

Another great installment in this series!!!! I think I enjoy each one a little more than the last. In this book we get a look at the girls and their relationships. We see the good and the bad parts of each relationship and ride the wave through their summer holiday. Ups and downs of each relationship are detailed, and these girls really figure out what it is they want out of a boy. I feel the character development of these girls is fantastic from book to book, and truly feel they are growing and learning. Great series, I'm already anxious to read the next one!! :) 4/5